2022 – There Shall be a Conclusion

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It's finally this time of the year, again.

A year of tumbling. In fact, too much tumbling. If 2021 was evaluated as "a bumpy ride", 2022 was something different -- it's much worse.

The year started on a weak note and kept falling. Nothing is working as intended. Everything seems to be revolving around COVID. It's just unending. Daily tests. Closed storefronts. Blocked streets. Declining economic. Rioting people. Burnt-out medics. Corrupting agencies. Incompetent bureaucrats. It's a plague that's occupying everyone's psyche.

It's just ... wrong. As if the situation is somehow worse than in 2020 when it should be better. In retrospect, we were erring on the cautious side. But it just feels awful, way more obnoxious stuff than 2021.

All of all changed in December when finally, CDC concluded that it might be okay to relax on the Measures as the current active COVID variant is no longer "that deadly". Three years of suffering have finally entered the postlude -- and (mild) chaos ensued. You know, drastically increasing cases; shortage of medicine; shortage of medical staff; all those good stuff. It is still ongoing so I don't have the big picture yet.

I once received a hint that the Measures will be lifted around April next year in early October. I thought it might be possible. The final conclusion came a bit early than the hint predicted. It's a welcoming change, but I think it might be better if we just roll out these changes step-by-step instead of committing everything overnight.

Enough of COVID. That shit can go fuck itself.

The work is ... uneventful. Days filled with agony. I am planning to quit the job and look for another. Or better -- pursuing further education. I have saved a bit these years for exactly this purpose. But it's still a roughly sketched outline as I haven't decided where am I going and what field I will be working in. I would like to work in academia if possible, but getting admission is no easy task. There is a lot of math I need to catch up on.

Things are working, at least working without much active supervision. Occasionally there were some hiccups that could be resolved on time. My family is doing fine, at least on the surface.

Still living on my own. It just feels nice to live alone even if it would be nice if there is someone taking care of you when you are down. But it's still optional for me. I mean, I've got my share of the Flu XL. Relationship-wise, still a proud bachelor. I am not going to make any move soon. They say life is totally different when you are in a relationship. I ain't gonna take that with haste.

There shall be a conclusion, whether you like it or not. We trekked through this year of bane. Many of us didn't make it. For the ones who are still here with us, it is not yet the time to give up. We have lost too much. But it doesn't mean we are bust. We proceed with dignity still. Be proud of what you are doing. Take pride in who you are.

I will see you in a better, 2023.

  1. 独元殇说道:


    2023 年应该是一个很好的一年。加油!


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